We don’t pass up great properties

Some homes underperform as long-term rentals, but excel with mid-term or coliving models. Others are great long-term rentals but not for coliving. Multifamily properties perform best with mixed models.

With in-house & partner experts in each sub-market, we’re uniquely capable to mix operating models across assets.

The result: 3X increases home-run properties.

We combine coliving, short-term, mid-term and long-term rentals into one serviced product

Standard rentals offer little differentiation beyond

“better countertops” and “stainless steel appliances.”

Contrast with Coliving:
- Affordable by Default: Access to spacious homes and a built-in community, including events!

- Fully Serviced: Includes a variety of services (see table), maintenance and more.

- Urban Professional Rentals: “Affordable Luxury” fully serviced short- & mid-term rentals for the
same audience.


Connect to Content

Add layers or components to make infinite auto-playing slideshows.

Modern & tech-forward

Members use app-based communication to stay in touch and manage their home, arrange new lease terms or bookings, re-order household supplies and to make service requests.

Gone are the days of “call this number and leave a voicemail” or “send an email and wait”.

Serious about the environment

Decarbonized, eco-friendly homes attract eco-concious residents and those concerned about our planet’s future.

Properties will be upgraded with solar, heat pumps, new-gen insulation and water monitoring where financially viable.

The result? Decreased expenses, increased resident satisfaction and higher net income.

Social benefits that reward residents

Through our partnership with Stake, residents get cash back on rent paid and additional benefits:

- Credit Reporting: On-time payments result in a 42-point average score increase.

- Early Paychecks: That, plus 1% cash back on the no-fee Stake debit card.

How we create highly favorable economics

Combining fast-growing operating models creates 50-100% upside in

gross revenue at the property level and more “buy-low” opportunities